Big Business "what's the point"

A short one because I can't be the only person who is coming across this in life?

No matter who the conversation is with, who starts it or where you are. If you happen to be talking about global warming or steps you are taking to try and live more sustainably there is always the little voice that pops up with.

"What is the point. 23 of the worlds biggest business's contribute 71% of the worlds CO2 emissions. What we do won't make a difference."

A statement which is correct in part. It is also correct that BP originally pitched the idea of a personal carbon footprint. However if you have a look at said companies which are fairly easy to find with a quick google search, then you find the list is dominated by oil/ fossil fuel companies. Yes they are huge and for now I should imagine there won't be a great deal of change on their front. I don't see however how people don't see that if enough people change their habits. by using less gas, less oil, fuel and coal these companies will have no choice but to diversify or literally clean up their act. People are already cutting their usage without even realising what they are doing and over time it is definitely going to make a difference. By not leaving your heating on while you are out of the house to save electricity you are also saving gas or oil. Before you even consider how the electricity is made in the first place. By using your car less or buying a more economical car you are reducing demand for fuel. The literal foundation for these companies that are having such a huge impact on the environment. There will be no choice but to change.

So yes you are right in the facts and figures however. Those little changes people are making. some of which for financial savings rather than to live more sustainably make a bigger difference than people think. If we carry on with the current trajectory there will be no choice but to change. Not only with these 23 companies but all major companies world wide.

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