A fresh begining

For those of you who have had an email notification then thought, hmm this blog hasn't posted anything new in years. Hello again to my something a little fresh and different. Those of you who have never stumbled across any of my little blogs before welcome.

A little flash back, around 5 years ago I started exploring the woods as a way to share my travel experiences. I wrote a few blogs over the period of a couple of years. But i never really felt fully invested probably because i was doing it for the wrong reasons. I was sort of writing these posts in a way that i thought would attract more readers rather than just writing what i felt i wanted to write. So i decided to call it a day on the blog a year or so ago.

Fast forward. We can all agree that we are in a bit of a mental period of time at the moment. literally as I write this I am waiting for our prime minister to announce a second lock down. Back in March I was Furloughed and had what was the most time away from any work I've had in the last 13 years. In this time I learnt a bit about myself first of all being it is really easy when you are sulking to spend every day staring at the TV and just watch the hours whistle by. The second being that i severely miss traveling. When i was in my teens I had visions of taking time out and traveling the world, I had visions of traveling South America, Vietnam, Cambodia, New Zealand and Canada to name a few. However life got in the way as it does. So that is the first part of my new life mission. I want to correct this and I plan to try and use this platform to put together a plan on how I will go about it and hopefully share my tips and tricks over the coming years.

I have also always tried my best to live sustainably, recycle, use less water, not waste that which doesn't need to be wasted etc etc. Some may call me a hypocrite as my foremost passion includes burning oil and rubber however I feel it is about balance. The vehicle i use the most is very economical I recycle and reuse any by products as much as i can and I prefer the older vehicles so that's kinda like reusing right? I digress slightly. I move house at some point in the coming weeks, so I have been looking into various ways of making the new home more sustainable. solar panels, collecting rain water, planting pollinators in the garden all that fun stuff. But what i have found is, one there is so much information out there. Many of which is quite contradictory and not easy reading. I'm dyslexic so I have found it tricky reading long rambling reports. A lot of it seems to give the impression that if you aren't going all out then you're not doing it properly. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places and if that is the case then PLEASE get in touch and send me in the right direction. I plan to spend time educating myself and trying to learn what are the best ways to try and improve myself to live more sustainably hopefully sharing my experiences with others. I personally believe that if you can only do one small thing to improve how you live it is a whole world better than doing nothing. I feel like this is a common misconception.

I actually have a 5 question little survey circulating at the moment trying to get a feel for how people understand what living sustainably means. I plan to use this as a basis to start my "research". Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to fill one in the more the better. But so far I am getting the impression that it is only thought you are trying to live a sustainable life if you are. Eating a plant based diet, trying to only use renewable energy supplies and sourcing everything you own responsibly to name a few. I believe that this is, for want of a better term the "extreme" but every little thing done is a step in the right direction.

I have waffled a little but may as well start as i mean to go on! I don't know how frequent the posts will be, it will be more a case of when i have something to write about. But please feel free to get in touch about anything and everything, if i get enough interest i may one day add a forum to share ideas and experiences. But we shall see.

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